The Benefits of Drinking Water for Health

Quick.  How much water have you had today?  Any? Or are you subsisting on diet soda and coffee?

waterWater is the single most important beverage that there is.  Plain old water.  Yet, studies have shown that many of us aren’t drinking the amount of water that our bodies need to stay healthy and strong.  Lack of hydration can cause headaches, muscle cramps and even fatigue.  Being well hydrated can help with clearer skin, a more effective metabolism, and even can help you to eat less food – a great bonus if you are actively trying to lose weight.

True story time: I am a big water drinker. Huge. I carry around my own reusable bottle and drain it several times a day.  I’m not fussy – it doesn’t have to be filtered – plain tap water works well for me.  The bottle holds 24 ounces, and I probably fill it five or more times a day, not including meals.  So, my body is used to lots of water.

One day I was traveling and my plane was delayed several times.  Typically when I travel I bring my empty bottle with me through security, and then fill it on the other side.  I was late to board, so I didn’t fill the bottle, and we ended up being delayed for take off several times, ultimately spending several hours on the runway.  I decided against drinking the first several times that the flight attendant offered water, because I really don’t like using the restroom on the plane.  When we finally were airborne, the flight was so rocky that we weren’t given any drinks at all.  By the time I arrived at my destination, I had a raging migraine – one that took two days to depart.  It was viscious, and I know that not drinking enough, or really any, water was the main culprit.  Let that be a lesson – DRINK your WATER.

But what if you don’t like the taste of plain water?  There are lots of packets that you can add to your water – from Gatorade to Propel, there are flavors to suit every palate.  I’ve also enjoyed fresh lemon and lime squeezed into my water, and freezing berries or mint leaves into ice cubes means that you get a subtle flavor that is really refreshing.

Why not make a goal to fill your water bottle at the top of the hour, and drain it by the end?  Try it and see if you feel an improvement in your body!

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Sabz says:

I went from drinking 4-5 diet sodas a day to one or less. But I still don’t drink enough water. These ideas are great and I will try to finish at least two bottles of plain h2o tomorrow. Thx Carmen.

Kyooty says:

so far I’ve downed about 16oz of water and 24oz of tea

I’ve taken to drinking Crystal Light in my drinking water, just for variety. Happened to find some in the cupboard at my house. Who knew?————-BTW, it’s a myth that people in general need eight 8-oz glasses of water every day. Read about it a, or my blog:

———-If you feel better drinking lots of water – enjoy!———-But I’ve seen patients drop their serum sodium level dangerously low by drinking too much – usually over 8-10 gallons a day. It’s called psychogenic polydipsia.———-Steve Parker, M.D.

Sarah says:

I know! Iknowiknowiknow….that I should drop the diet Coke habit. But I’m weak. Heck, if I wasn’t weak I’d be at the right weight, right?


Michael says:

You can further increase the therapeutic properties of your drinking water by improving it with an alkaline water ionizer which has been scientifically proven to help cure many common diseases from obesity to diabetes. Alkaline ionized water acts as an antioxidant, removing free radicals from your body. The electrolysis process also breaks down the water clusters so they are smaller and more readily absorbed by your cells.

maxleben says:

You can use any type of water in your copper water bottle, alkaline water machine, water that has passed through a filter or bottled water. You will see the biggest difference with tap water, which is usually the least alkaline and requires the most care.

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