The Best Outdoor Exercises for Spring

Guest blogger Jill Knapp is all about family and loves spending as much time with them as possible. Her second passion is bringing awareness to Type II diabetes. It is near and dear to her heart. Since being diagnosed with the condition a little over three years ago, she has lost 100 pounds.

She is a diabetes advocate and a passionate motivational speaker getting others inspired to lose with and get fit. She is now the mentor to the Miss Healthy Dr. Oz contestants. Visit her site: Get up and Get Moving.

Spring is a wonderful time of year. It seems that spring just gives a new beginning. It’s a great time to kick start your exercise. No more cold days that may help excuse you from getting fit. Make spring about getting your exercise outdoors. Not only can you get a great workout, but you can save money while not having to belong to a gym. 

Here are six ideas to head your feet moving outside for some fresh air and exercise.

1. Daily walks:  OK, you are stuck at work all day. Make it a point to take a walk outside on your lunch break. Not only will this help you burn some calories but it will also help you clear your mind. 

2. After dinner walks: You can take your family on an after dinner walk and everyone will benefit. On walks you can point out the blooming flowers and the fresh air of spring time. It’s also a great way to connect with your family. I can get my kids to talk just about anything when we are on a walk.

3. Bike ride: Most places people live now have bike routes. Biking is fun and can be an adventure for the whole family.

4. Tennis anyone?: Tennis is a great way to get moving. I am far from being a pro but I sure feel great when I am done with a good hour of tennis.

5. Hiking: Talk about a good workout for your legs. Hiking has you going up and down and all around. The outdoor beauty you see while on the hike can rejuvenate the soul.

6. Outdoor bootcamps: These are becoming more and more popular. You can sure get in shape doing a bootcamp. Many offer bootcamps in your local recreation areas out in the beautiful surroundings and fresh air. These bootcamps have levels so you can choose what fits your needs. Usually they last anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks. 

Give it a try! You may be surprised how fun they can be.

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