The Doctors Dish About Babies, Conception and Contraception

The Doctors are at it again. They are promising another episode loaded with revitalizing tips. Monday’s episode is titled, “Shrink A Dress Size, Increase Your Fertility & Get Sexier Skin!”

The doctors are asking viewers to give them an hour to transform them into a new person. The cast will be giving tips about how to go down a dress size and the latest ways to better your health and body.

Much of the episode will be devoted to babies, conception, and contraception. The doctors will discuss Beyonce and Jay-Z’s parenting style of their infant, Blue Ivy. Specifically, the cast will discuss if they think the new parents are too protective.

While the topic is on babies, the topic of a controversial training method meant to give babies super strength will be covered. Hear what the docs have to say about these “super babies.”

Before parents even have a chance at training a super baby, they must first conceive a child. The doctors plan to explain a new at-home fertility test that is designed for men.

The last issue surrounding the miracle of life and bundles of joy for Monday will be a discussion regarding putting birth control vending machines on college campuses. This topic will surely warrant some serious discussion and debate.

As the docs switch gears, they discuss the pros and cons of laser hair-removal and they’ll even alert the viewers to some surprising facts about the dangers of lip balm.

And finally, the resident pediatrician, Dr. Jim Sears will give out his recipe for his kid friendly smoothie.

Like always, Monday’s show will have no shortage of discussion and information. The episode will air on Monday, April 9, 2024 on NBC.

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