The Goodbun: A Fast Food Revolution

Alec Fernandez and Daniel del Campo, two young, innovative gentleman from Miami, Florida, have a grand plan: to revolutionize the fast food industry as we know it. Ferndandez and del Campo fully understand the struggles of balancing a jam-packed schedule and eating healthy on the fly because, let’s face it: sometimes, the only option is to grab food on the go. Their idea is to create better options for Americans who need to occasionally rely on fast food.

On a recent Nielsen survey, the number one reason people choose fast food is to save time. People are literally claiming to not have the right time to eat healthfully, and that is something that we have to change. The duo acknowledges that there is no real good-for-you-fast-food choice. Until now.

According to their Kickstarter page, goodbun offers healthier fast food options without only offering soup and salads. Goodbun is truly a burger joint—just without everything cycling through the deep-fryer before it gets in the hands of the consumer.


Furthermore, the founders explain their dream as: “Our commitment is to give people the convenience of eating good without having to sacrifice their time, while maintaining an open transparent relationship with our customers.”

I personally love this campaign. I would love to see this Kickstarter jump off the ground running. Who wouldn’t want to be able to speed through a drive-thru without the guilt or indigestion?

To donate to the Kickstarter, check out the menu including nutrition facts, or to read more about the program, check out their page.

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