The Home Exercise Equipment You Shouldn’t Live Without

If you have the time, money, and access to a convenient gym, it’s a great place to get in shape and stay that way. However, with a relatively small investment, you can create your own gym environment at home and ultimately save time, money, and accessibility. All you really need are a few basic pieces of equipment that will focus on cardio and strength training.

home gym

Having a home gym filled with the right equipment can save you hundreds of dollars a year in gym fees, babysitting services, and even cute gym clothes! Let’s face it ladies, most of us have the gym outfit and then the home gym outfit and I’m guessing the home gym outfit is way more comfy.

Clear the ping pong table out of the way and declare that corner of the basement yours. Add the following gym staples and you’ve got your own circuit training course that can be done any time of day, in any weather. Bonus reason for the home gym? If your exercise playlist includes a heavy metal, smooth jazz, country music shuffle, you just take out the headphones and crank it right up.

Must-Have Home Gym Equipment List

Elliptical: Easy on the joints and limbs, this home cross trainer mimics stair-climbing, walking and running. With the touch of a button you can go from slow crawl to an intense workout. You have the power to challenge yourself every time you step on.

Treadmill: Having an electric treadmill at your disposal means never having to wait for the weather to clear before you take a leisurely walk after a meal, or train for a marathon. Use the incline feature to burn even more calories.

Exercise Ball: Chances are, you probably have one of these lying around somewhere already. Inflate it, then try our Express Exercise Ball Workout. You’ll be amazed how many muscles this lightweight device can target. Perfect for core workouts and improving balance.

Spin Bike: The spin bike is gaining popularity again after groups like SoulCycle in New York turned a simple spin exercise into a cardio craze. When the weather leaves your ride feeling a little flat, you can stay inside and even spin out to one of your favorite old movies.

Free Weights: Lean muscle mass decreases with age so be sure to add a few sessions of weight training to your exercise regimen each week. If you’re a beginner, do repetitions slowly. Start with small weights that are just heavy enough for your muscles to tire out after about 12-15 repetitions. Increase pounds and reps as you get stronger.

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