The Overnight Diet is the Newest Weight Loss Fad


  • Dr. Caroline Apovian is pushing the next big fad diet in her new book, The Overnight Diet. She says you’ll lose two pounds the first night. Users should note this is water weight and not actual fat loss.
  • A combination of a high protein diet six days a week and a liquid diet one day a week are the cornerstones of The Overnight Diet’s eating plan.
  • Author claims you can lose as much as nine pounds in a single week. Industry recommendations allow for one to two pounds per week for safe weight loss.
  • One woman, who shared her story at ABC News, reported going from 174 pounds to 125 pounds in one year using The Overnight Diet.
  • “You don’t have to lift a single barbell,” is what Dr. Apovian boasts. However, any legitimate weight loss plan should incorporate as much focus on fitness, if not more, as it does nutrition. Thirty minutes daily with a combination of strength and cardio is the bare minimum recommended for Americans.

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