Top 10 Must-Have Fitness Items While Traveling

Traveling can be a great source of relaxation, but sometimes it can be rather stressful and a pain in the rear. running-on-beachThat’s where exercise comes into play! Exercise has been proven to reduce stress levels as well as clear your head and “re-motivate” you. I have put a list of fitness items together that will help reduce your stress levels, or just help you continue your fitness regimen, while traveling by air, land, or sea!

Top 10 Must-Have Fitness Items While Traveling

  1. Running Shoes: Lace them up and off you go
  2. Resistance Band: Can be used for an effective total body workout
  3. MP3 Player: Fuel the mind, body, and soul
  4. Plenty of Water: Important to stay hydrated
  5. Workout Clothes: To wear to the gym or the beach
  6. Heart Rate Monitor: Important to keep track of heart rate
  7. Watch: Keep track of workout time and flight time
  8. Jump Rope: Doesn’t take up much room and can be used for an effective workout
  9. Swim Wear: Swimming is a great exercise for the body and easy on the joints
  10. Post-Workout Snack: Need to replenish the body after a long, hard stress relieving workout

Hopefully this list will help give you some ideas that you can take with you while you travel. Good luck and safe travels this summer to all.

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