Weight Loss Pill Forskolin Promises to Speed Metabolism and Fight Fat

Whatever Dr. Oz says on the topic of health is gold, and a new weight loss supplement called forskolin is no different.

Dr. Oz recently featured the new naturally-derived weight loss pill on an episode of his popular daytime show, with Lisa Lynn as an expert on the topic. Lynn is health and fitness expert and former personal trainer to Martha Stewart. She’s also a regular on the Dr. Oz Show and says she has been prescribing Forskolin to all of her clients who are trying to lose weight as a natural, fast-acting way to boost the metabolism and fight fat.

Forskolin – which Dr. Oz calls ‘lightning in a bottle’ – is derived from a plant that’s in the mint and lavender family. And scientists are reportedly just confirming that it has benefits for weight loss.

The pill helps enhance the metabolism if, Dr Oz. says, your metabolism is sleeping. It works by igniting the metabolism almost instantaneously, almost like turning the jets on high in a jacuzzi. And when that happens, the body begins to burn off fat stores and enable users to lose weight.

Lynn warned, however, that you have to use forskolin the smart way, as with any other weight loss supplement, by adding it to a healthy diet and regular workout regiment to see optimum results. She recommended adding 125 milligrams at breakfast with a meal, saying you can always add more later but that too much is never a good thing.

As proof of the pill’s success, Lynn showed pictures of one of her many clients who’s taken the supplement and seen results. Emily, an actress trying to slim down to further her career, lost 20 pounds in four months and dropped four pant sizes, completely ‘restructuring her body.’ Lynn reports that her clients have seen results quickly with forskolin when combined with a clean diet and increased exercise regimen.

Lynn advised only moderate exercise with forskolin – 40 minute walks are an ideal activity to aid in the weight loss process. Overexerting yourself isn’t necessary, she says.

Dr. Oz and Lynn both recommended just about anyone as an ideal candidate for the new magic weight loss pill, as it’s all natural and has a number of health benefits. It’s even been used in some cases to treat conditions like asthma, high blood pressure and insomnia. But as with any weight loss pill, individuals should consult their doctors before taking forskolin.

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Joyce says:

I am sure that the product may work, however the company that distributech product as a trial basis is not right they golfer a trial bottle for 495 but there is still they did not tell you that a $78.95 will be taken off your credit card 15 days after you receive the product I think it’s wrong I think it’s not right I think it’s not fair that that money is not authorized be taken off your credit card I think it’s unfair to the consumers I do not recommend anybody to go online to purchase this product ever again if you choose to get it you can get it cheaper at Walmart same product same effect this is not fair I am on Social Security and I cannot cannot afford the $150 to be taken off my credit card every month I have cancelled my order I have purchased a car loan through Walmart it has the same effect it is not fair and I recommend anybody that comes online to order this product to stop immediately

Joyce says:

The product is great no doubt, but DO NOT ORDER ONLINE!!!! Go to walmart same product cheaper

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