Work it Off: Burn Off the 508 Calories in a Shrimp Tempura Roll

I love sushi. Which is good news because I’m in Japan! One of my favorite dinners is sushi rolls and pieces of nigiri (raw fish with a little rice) and sashimi (raw fish without any rice). I love how fresh it tastes, how flavorful it is, and how healthy it feels. (Fish is, after all, a part of a balanced and healthy diet!) But I can’t help but recall a recent magazine article I read, which said that eating a few sushi rolls was equivalent to eating half a loaf of bread in terms of sugar, carbs, and so forth.


I try to cut down on the rice, sticking mainly to sashimi and nigiri, which really helps keep this meal helathy–you’re eating nothing but fish after all, plus a little soy sauce and wasabi. But sometimes I really want a tempura shrimp roll (and sort of forgo this advice from Fit Bottomed Girls’ Jennipher Walters).

And that’s where you really get into trouble. Not only does this roll have a generous helping of rice, it’s also full of fred food and oftentimes has other sauces and so forth added in, taking it from healthy to… huh? I recently checked out the calorie count of this role and was surprised–an 8-piece roll can contain 508 calories!

How could I burn off 508 calories?

I could walk briskly by all of the blooming cherry blossoms in Kyoto for 112 minutes.


I could do a HIIT workout in my hotel room for around 34 minutes.


Or I could rent a bicycle and sightsee from two wheels for 107 minutes.

I actually did all of the above!

Cherry blossom photo by Rolf_52 /

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