Yoga Industry Stays Steady Despite Weak Economy

In these wallet-pinching times, most of us are examining our budgets and eliminating extra dollars spent on non-necessities like eating out, concert tickets or a new handbag. For those who practice yoga, rolling up their mats is not something they are going to part with despite the dismal economy.


For many who are devoted to this ancient practice, yoga is as much a needed part of their lifestyle as their automobile, cell phone or laptop. From its mind-calming effects to the physical benefits they derive from each practice, yoga classes have shown in some cities across the country to stay fairly immune to the turbulent waters of the rocky  economy.

According to Yoga Journal Magazine, subscriptions to their publication have stayed steady and attendance to their four annual conferences are full. With conference registrations costing more than $500 per person, there is something to say about where folks are willing to place their money these days.

While classes in some cities may have dropped off, studios are still packed with Hardtail-wearing yogi’s hungry to unearth a few drops of sanity-saving peace inside of themselves as they face potential layoffs, foreclosures and decreasing stock portfolios. Yoga helps us take one breath at a time, stay focused and centered amid the fearful uncertainty of the future. This may be the greatest gift yet that yoga has given to us here in the West and why this 5,000 year-old tradition is so cherished – perhaps now more than ever for millions of Americans.

If you are new to yoga, but have been hardhit by the economy, here are three ways to practice yoga on a budget.

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