3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Posture at Your Desk

Rounded shoulders, neck pain, and an aching low back are just a few of the side effects of having a desk job. Sitting for hours in front of a computer not only shortens your life expectancy; it can permanently affect your posture.

The following tips will help you maintain a healthy desk posture for increased energy, better health, and a reduction in bodily aches and pains.


Sit on your sit bones

The ischial tuberosities, otherwise known as the “sit bones,” comprise the base of the pelvis and set the foundation for proper sitting posture. Most of us tend to rock behind our sit bones, placing the low back in a stressful C-curve position. This constant misalignment negatively affects not just the low back, but also the shoulders and neck.

To find your sit bones, place your hands under your bottom and feel for two bony protrusions at the base of your pelvis. If that is difficult, move some flesh out of the way, and try again.

Once you have located your sit bones, rock your pelvis slightly forward as to bring your spine into a neutral curve.

Be a head above the rest

Your head weighs roughly ten pounds and if it is not aligned properly over your spine, your neck and shoulders will protest in agony. Just imagine balancing a ten-pound dumbbell on your head, and you’ll soon realize how important it is to keep your head over the rest of your torso so you don’t strain the muscles of your neck and shoulders.

Zip it

Now that you’re propped up onto your sit bones and balanced your head over your shoulders, it is time to decompress your spine.

This imagery works very well, as it offers the component of strengthening your core muscles as well as lengthening your spine.

Imagine you are zipping up a vest, but the vest is very tight around your torso. In order for this vest to fit, you must draw in on the sides of your waist, and sit up very tall. This action helps to elongate your spinal column as well as firm up the muscles you will need to keep you sitting up straight at your desk.

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