4 Places Where Every Body Can Enjoy Swimsuit Shopping

We all know that the words “swimsuit season” are not always greeted positively. Besides the fact that some of us don’t even like swimming, over the history of the swimsuit, women have been made to feel bad about the shape and size of their bodies while wearing one. The great news is, you can wear a swimsuit no matter what size you are, and fortunately, some stores are shaping up and offering the best swimsuits to women of all sizes.

Here is where you should be shopping if you want a cute swimsuit with none of the unnecessary shaming that has come along with it.

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ModCloth has long been known for their encouragement of women being themselves, owning their look, and feeling good about themselves and each other. The website has everything from adorable shoes to wedding dresses — naturally, swimsuits are here, too! The company even recently made waves with their awesome commitment to the Anti-Photoshop Pledge. The models in their ads, swimsuit or otherwise, will not be photoshopped!

Target’s Ava & Viv

Target has made everyone very happy with the introduction of its new “plus-size” house brand. Ava & Viv arrived in February and is a beautiful line of clothing that is trendy, fashionable, and gorgeous! Ava & Viv’s swimsuits are too cute to pass up! Check them out and you’ll be running to the beach.


Torrid can be found in malls across the U.S., and what makes Torrid so great is its size range. Designed to suit plus-sized women, Torrid is packed full of sassy, beautiful styles. Swimsuits are no exception and you’ll find the hottest looks of the season in your size!


Gabi Gregg has made quite a name for herself in the past few years. With one of the most awesome swimsuit campaigns in recent memory, the blogger celebrates plus-size women without making anyone feel bad about their bodies. Gregg, a plus-sized fashion blogger, recently introduced her third year in a row of swimsuit styles. Be prepared to fall in love with the way you look in a swimmie!

No matter what size or shape you are, swimsuits can be so much fun to shop for! Enjoy your journey and have fun splashing in that water!

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