5 Reasons to Add Ginseng to Your Diet, from Cold Prevention to Stress Reduction


Ginseng root is an herb that has been used for thousands of years to promote healing and vitality throughout the body. American Ginseng has been studied for the past number of years to examine it’s benefits as a stress reducer, immunity booster, digestive and anti-aging aid… just to name a few! The National Institutes of Health has even declared American Ginseng an endangered species because so many people try to harvest it for its many valued uses.

So why should you find more ways to sneak some more of this super beneficial herb? Here are 5 BIG reasons:

1. Ginseng Prevents Colds and Flu
Consider swapping or supplementing your over-the-counter cold remedy with a dose of ginseng. Increasing evidence is validating the effectiveness of a ginseng extract daily around flu season can help prevent cold or flu symptoms. Sniffles already settle in? Fear not: it is also likely that ginseng helps minimize symptoms and shorten the duration of your cold because of the high levels of polysaccharides, a complex carbohydrate known to boost immune response, according to this recent study.

2. Ginseng Decreases Stress
Looking for some support for your hectic, busy life? The ancient Chinese began using ginseng to nourish the “Yin” or the part of us that tends to get overstimulated. To this day, ginseng helps promote balance, increases energy, and replenishes adrenal function. Research has found that the substances released in ginseng directly affect the adrenal glands, where stress hormones are produced. Prolonged stress causes adrenal fatigue, causing unattractive symptoms like chronic low energy, weight gain, anxiety, depression, and decreased immunity. Let ginseng help you prevent those!

3. Ginseng Promotes Youth & Mental Acuity
Studies are constantly being conducted to test the anti-aging benefits of ginseng, and the conclusions vary. Most recently, however, they began to test the benefits of fermented ginseng and are seeing considerably more reliable results. During the fermentation process, ginseng’s antioxidant and healing capabilities are amplified, allowing the body to absorb it significantly better. A Korean study from 2024 found that fermented red ginseng helps minimize symptoms of menopause and can affect neurotransmission, or how quickly our brain fires messages to the rest of our body.

4. Ginseng may Prevent Tumors
Preliminary studies on mice indicate a potential benefit that ginseng inhibits the growth of tumors. Fermented ginseng slowed the growth of the tumors by 80% according to the 2024 study. These results have not yet been verified for humans yet, so speak with your doctor and healthcare team about how ginseng may fit into your treatment plan.

5. Ginseng Calms Digestive Distress
Calming ginseng tea and capsules can be found in all major grocery stores and most tea shops. Why? It can ease bloating, constipation, menstrual pain, and anecdotally, has been found to reduce symptoms of Crohn’s Disease. By relaxing the muscles and soft tissues in the stomach area, the tea can help manage many variations of abdominal discomfort.
In all cases, start with the suggested dose and stay very aware of how you feel afterwards. Some people react negatively to the use of ginseng, and if this is the case decrease your dosage, concentration level, or stop completely if you feel any adverse side effects.


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