A Full Day of Cinco de Mayo-Inspired Recipes, from Breakfast to Margaritas

cinco de mayo

Diets in Review has been covering healthy Cinco de Mayo celebrations for 7 years! This year, rather than create yet another new recipe for good-for-you-guacamole, we’ve put together our hit list for a healthy Cinco de Mayo celebration. Because we’re pretty sure we already nailed it.


breakfast burrito

For Breakfast:
Start your day with a Fajita Breakfast Burrito. This spin on the classic gets its flavor from sausage and green peppers with a little cumin, soy sauce, and vinegar for good measure. It tastes great, and the healthy helping of protein, fat, fiber, and carbs will keep you full for hours.

turkey burger

For Lunch:
A turkey burger that’s got salsa mixed in and is topped with cilantro, avocado, and cheese? Mexican Turkey Burgers are a great blend of favorites from north and south of the border. You’ll get a bit of Mexican flavor—about the right amount to leave you wanting more!



For an Afternoon and Evening Celebration:
Once 5 o’clock hits it’s time to kick off the festivities. If you’re preparing a spread of snacks and apps, start with Ava Wong’s 7-Layer Dip. This healthy version, which contains ground turkey, black beans, and low-fat yogurt, tastes even better than the original and is a guilt-free way to fill up at the buffet! Of course, you’ll need at least one big bowl of guacamole. We recommend Holy Guacamole, which gets some of its creaminess from Greek yogurt. For a totally different flavor explosion. Why not make Roasted Tomatillo and Pineapple Salsa? It is seriously the perfect mix of spicy and sweet. Of course, we can’t forget the cocktails! Our three favorites: Grapefruit and lime mimosas, because you can’t go wrong with bubbles; Talenti frozen sangria, which is made from blood orange and raspberry sorbet; of the classic Cinco de Mayo staple, the (skinny) margarita!


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