Ask Fast Food Employees for the Inside Scoop on Menu Ingredients and Preparation

When you are in a rush and hungry, we’re all guilty of turning to fast food. It is quick and convenient. However, it’s anything but healthy.

People hear the horror stories about fast food chain employees who tamper with food. Just last week, one diner found a finger at Arby’s. Yet, we rarely get to hear about what is actually in our food. Most employees are preparing food in a harmless fashion for consumers. They get to see all the content that goes into a one-dollar hamburger. This isn’t another article about the terrible things employees do to food, instead it is about how people are blinded by marketing tactics and advertisements.

A recent thread on Reddit asked restaurant employees to share what they know about the preparation, ingredients, and processing of the foods they served.

Panera Bread gained famed for its “freshness” and to many considered to be a healthy eatery. Walk into a Panera and you can see the mass amount of bread and pastries. Panera’s new commercials show the company wanting to connect with ordinary people, stating that everything is hand made and fresh. However, a Panera employee revealed that menu items are far from fresh. All soups and breads are frozen before the day starts and heated before people start heading into the restaurant. The chain has a reputation for being healthy, in-store menus state how many calories are in a sandwich or bowl of soup, yet a misconception still exists. Calories maybe a small amount, but the sodium, fat, and the sugar packs a big punch. For example, a Mediterranean Veggie on Tomato Basil sandwich has 590 calories and 1400 mg of sodium, which is more than half of the recommended amount in a normal diet.

Another fast food chain guilty of high calories is Chipotle. Known for its gigantic burritos and loaded bowls, this chain will give you a food coma for a bargain price. The bowls and burritos contain a massive amount of calories, fat, sodium, and sugar. The more food you put in the burrito or bowl the more calories you intake. Employees at Chipotle see people load their bowls or burritos with large amounts of food because they are paying a perpetual price. Alluding that people are getting more bang for their buck, except the bang could be more love handles around the waist.

Food at fast food restaurants may look appetizing and taste like heaven, but people should question what is in the food. Employees at restaurants see what components make up a dish. Whether the dish requires sticks of butter or pink slime, consumers are generally unaware of what they are actually eating. The next time you’re at the local drive thru, ask yourself if your body is benefiting from what you’re about to feed it.

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