Belly Fat Cure Launches New iPhone and iPad App

Belly Fat Cure iPhone App Screen ShotJorge Cruise’s popular diet, The Belly Fat Cure, just got a little easier to follow with the launch of a new iPhone and iPad app. The Belly Fat Cure Sugar and Carb Counter is the latest incarnation of the diet, which promises to banish belly fat and help you lose 9 pounds in just one week. As the title would suggest, the diet hinges on the idea of limiting sugars and carbs, and the companion app makes keeping track of these nutrients easy.

I took the app for a little test run this afternoon, and found it to be intuitive and easy to use. The diet is clearly explained in the app, although you will benefit from also reading the book. Like almost any food-journaling app, The Belly Fat Cure Sugar and Carb Counter allows you to track all the food you eat during a day by selecting items from a database. However, this app keeps a constant reminder of how many servings of carbs and grams of sugar you eat in a day.

This diet recommends eating no more than 15 grams of sugar–in any form–and no more than six servings of carbs per day. This may be a little odd for those who are not used to super-low carb diets. I personally was a little put off by the fact that one medium apple counted as two servings of carbohydrate and put me over the sugar limit by four grams (see image). That said, many people have success losing weight on low-carb diets.

If you choose to follow this diet plan, the app definitely provides lots of tools for sticking to the plan. It features “The Belly Good Menu” sample meal plans, and also has a feature to help you build your own daily meal plans. There’s an explanation of how the foods are rated, and charts to help you track your progress.

UPDATE: Although The Belly Fat Cure Sugar and Carb Counter was available at the tine of review, as of 6/6/2024, this app does not appear to be available in the U.S.

2 Responses to Belly Fat Cure Launches New iPhone and iPad App

Peggy says:

I have the original belly fat cure app on my iPhone and now I receive a message that I need an update for my app . Can you help me in how to go about obtaining the update?

Lauren E Conrad says:

Need upgrade to 64 bit app. for this app.

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