Best Yoga Moves for Summer

With the warm summer season quickly approaching us, yoga is an amazing way to get in shape and reduce any stress you may have about all of the barbeques you’ve been invited to attend.

Even though yoga can be practiced any time throughout the year, the fluctuations in seasons make some postures more relevant than others. For instance, certain yoga asanas can help you cool down after an outdoor hike or run, like shoulder stand or padmasana, and other postures, like a few rounds of sun salutations, can substitute for a quick workout when you’re pressed for time.

According to Erin Jacques, national yoga director and trainer for the New York-based Exhale Enterprises, Inc. there a few tips of how we can use yoga to get in shape fast.

First, Erin encourages getting outside, even to do yoga.

“Strike a few poses in an open space like a park or baseball field breathing in fresh air,” she says.

One surface area you want to be cautious of is sand or beaches. While it may sound picturesque to do yoga while watching the sun rise on the beach, the unevenness of the shore can throw you off-balance and increase the slipping risk for your hands or feet. Instead, roll out your yoga mat on a hard and stable surface like a porch or veranda overlooking the elements to down-dog safely amid the beauty of outdoors.

For a yoga pose that makes your arms tank top-ready and your core bikini-ready, practice plank posture.

“Whether it’s done on the forearms, straight arms or even the side, the plank is so beneficial to your entire body. It tones the arms, legs and most importantly strengthens the core and back body. Start with holding still for one minute and work up to two minutes,” says Jacques.

Just remember that you don’t have to wait until summer to get started with your yoga practice. The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll see the benefits.

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