Biggest Loser Finale Recap [Video]

Biggest Loser season 11 has come and gone. It will be a memorable finale, most notably as the first featuring three women as the finalist, not to mention a female at-home winner. Deni lost 125 to win the at-home prize of $100,000. After weighing in the most contestants of any other season, it all came down to Olivia and Hannah. With a narrow three-pound difference, Olivia Ward won after losing 129 pounds, taking home $250,000.

Everyone in the audience was shocked when the stunning Anna Kournikova walked out on stage, as she was announced the newest trainer to replace Jillian Michaels. Anna has appeared on the show, running a tennis-theme workout during a special guest appearance.  Jillian is leaving the show, and upon that acknowledgment from Ali, the audience rose to give Jillian a well-deserved standing ovation.

The BL alumni section was as full as ever, featuring several past winners, contestants, and their families.

Final Weights:

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