Biggest Loser Recap – Final Four

With only five contestants left, tension on the Biggest Loser Ranch is already at an all-time high. Each contestant is fighting for a spot in the final four. As if the stress from the last week on campus isn’t enough, Alison tells the contestants that instead of the usual yellow line and deliberation, there will be a twist this week.

With no yellow line in existence, this week’s weigh-in will consist of only a singular red line. The player that loses the lowest percentage of weight will be eliminated immediately, leaving the rest of the players a definite spot in the final four.

The contestants get a surprise visit from season 7’s winner Helen Phillips, as well as a visit from season 3’s winner Erik Chopin. They each have a different story to tell to the players. Helen sits down with the contestants to give them advice about what to expect after the Biggest Loser, and how you’re not ‘done’ after the finale. She explains how for the rest of their lives they will have to be aware of the decisions they make in order to maintain a healthy weight. Unfortunately for Erik, he explains to each how the emotions of post-Biggest Loser got to his head, and before he knew it, he had regained all of his weight. The visits from each of these former contestants proved to be very motivational to the final five.

After viewers voted on which challenge they’d like to see the contestants participate in, they chose to duplicate Season 7’s challenge. Each player must carry the weight that they have lost so far and go up and down 16 sand hills. At each hill they can drop off weight, representing however much they lost that week on the ranch. Daris George wins the challenge, giving him a $10,000 prize. But, Alison offers Daris a one-pound advantage in exchange for the $10,000, and he does it. At this point in the game, one pound could make or break these contestants, and I think Daris was very smart to make that decision in order to gain one up on each of the remaining contestants.

With all of the stress of the house, and Michael Ventrella breaking down, Bob takes the contestants out on a shopping trip. They get the opportunity to meet with NFL’s Tony Romo, and have the opportunity to listen to him give a motivational talk, as well as go for a run with the football star and Bob.

The contestants had a chance to sit down with the trainers and reflect  on how far they have come throughout their journey on the Biggest Loser. From their initial weigh-ins in front of their families and friends to the point that they are at now is super emotional experience for contestants, trainers and viewers alike. This happens just in time for the trainers to give these players their last last-chance workout. Harder than ever are these contestants pushed, because this is the final weigh-in with a red line waiting to send one of the players home immediately.

The contestants weigh in, and Daris George and Koli Palu both lose impressive high numbers, while Ashley Johnston and Michael Ventrella lose just average numbers. Unfortunately for Sunshine Hampton, she loses only two pounds, sending her below the yellow line and taking a final four spot away from her.

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Season 9 Episode 17 – Original air date: 5/11/2022

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