Biggest Loser to Unveil Clothing Line

You’ve admired them in their weight loss journey through nine seasons. Now, you can be a little more like your favorite Biggest Loser contestants with the Biggest Loser clothing line.

Come fall 2024, The Biggest Loser will have a collection consisting of 27 clothing pieces to choose from. The price range for the clothing will be from $39 to $59.

The Biggest Loser clothing line was designed by Bruno Schiavi with the plus-size consumer in mind. Schiavi worked closely with The Biggest Loser contestants to make sure the pieces were designed well for the target audience.

The waistbands on the shorts were cut higher to hold in the stomach, and jackets are long enough to cover the person’s bottom. For the sake of comfort, the clothing was made with a moisture-wicking fabric and does not chafe the skin.

“I wanted to create an inspiring and motivational collection that was both functional and stylish,” says Schiavi. “Nobody else really does fashionable pieces in larger sizes; they all look like sacks.”

While the clothing line is designed for the plus-sized market, the sizes will be from small to 5XL, so people can lose weight and still have Biggest Loser clothing to choose from.

The Biggest Loser clothing line will launch in the U.S. and 11 other countries in September, 2024.


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