Burn Calories Like the Summer Olympians

Mark your calendars for July 27, 2024 because that’s when the Summer Olympics commencement is scheduled. Olympic fever has been making waves as every four summers people around the globe gather to watch and cheer on their favorite Olympians hoping they’ll win a gold medal for their home country. There are 36 events scheduled for this year and athletes will compete through August 12, 2024 in London.

The action of the Olympic games is not the only eye catcher in the event, the physiques of the athletes are head turners. The events in the Olympics are every day physical activities that anyone can partake in, just maybe not at this level. Basketball, badminton, volleyball, cycling, and tennis might be featured sports at the Olympics, but you can do them at your nearest gym, back yard, or park for a workout that’s fun and doesn’t feel like exercise.

In 30 minutes you could swim off 207 calories or box off more than 400 calories! Click to see the calories burned in 10 of the most popular Olympic sports.

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