Cook Yourself Healthy with 4 Nutritious Spices

By Abra Pappa for

Don’t ignore the nutrient powerhouses hidden away in your spice cabinet. Spices contain phenols which stimulate your immune system to protect against disease and are rich in anti-oxidants to protect your body from free radical damage. Spices can elevate a simple dinner into a nutrient dense, delicious masterpiece.

Here are my four favorite spices and their amazing health and healing properties. Plus, how to use them in your kitchen.

Smoked Paprika – This has been my “spice crush” for quite some time. A little dash turns a simple vegetable dish into something richer, heartier, and so delicious. Paprika, because of its high vitamin C content, helps your body absorb iron rich foods and fight infection. Try smoked paprika in these yummy recipes:

Smokey Joe’s

Smokey Tomato and Greens Soup

Smokey Salmon Kebabs

Garlic Gomasio – Gomasio is a traditional condiment in Japan made of toasted sesame seeds and sea salt simply ground together. Gomasio is a great condiment to use when you are trying to reduce your sodium content. The little bit of sea salt ground with nutty crunchy sesame seeds satisfies the salt craving. Garlic gomasio has the added benefit of cancer fighting garlic. Sprinkle this on salads, greens or grains. Or try this recipe for Everything Crusted Tuna.

Oregano – An aromatic herb traditionally used in Mediterranean and Spanish cooking, oregano is a rich source of vitamin K, iron and manganese. Oregano has anti-bacterial properties and has been used to treat bacterial infections. I love using it in my salads, like my favorite recipe Greek Kale Salad. Other tasty, healthy recipes include Lemon Oregano Grilled Tilapia or No-Fuss Eggplant Parm.

Coriander – The seed of cilantro, ground coriander lends a lovely citrus note to any dish. Coriander may help control blood sugar levels and is an excellent tool to help cleanse heavy metals from the body. Ground coriander is a lovely rub for grilled scallops or the perfect citrus balance in this healthy Crunchy Chickpeas snack. Also try it in Beef Curry or a Grilled Salmon Burger.


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