Enjoy a Healthy Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo – the 5th of May; a holiday that commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862. More importantly, it is a day to celebrate Mexican food! Mexican food is my very favorite, and it’s my weakness. But tortilla chips, cheese and margaritas can really wreak havoc on your diet, leaving you with tight jeans and a caloric hangover worse than any fruity mixed drinks.

There are ways, though, to enjoy this fun day without regret. Eating out at a restaurant? Pass up the chip basket. Say no to the queso dip. Avoid the words crispy, fried, refried, cheesy, and breaded. Look for entrees that are grilled or baked and served with fresh vegetables or a salad. Avoid the sour creams and limit the guacamole. But salsa is a great, low-fat choice. Enjoy the burrito or the fajitas without a tortilla.

Want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home? Check out some of these great recipes:

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