Finding the Best Healthy Deals at Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market LogoWhole Foods Market often gets a bad rap for being overpriced, as do many other grocery stores or markets that specialize in organic or natural products. Making a commitment to buying just organic produce may mean spending a greater percentage of your disposable income on food. That said, here are few ways to cut down on your grocery bill at Whole Foods Market.

First off, avoid the pre-prepared dishes. At almost any grocery store, there’s a higher mark-up for convenience items, and Whole Foods is no different. You’ll pay much more per ounce for a salad that is pre-prepared than you would buying all the ingredients individually. The same goes for pre-packaged produce items. For example, any produce that’s been chopped and shrink wrapped will be more expensive than something sold by weight.

It’s also good to remember that package foods with FDA organic certification aren’t necessarily more healthy. Organic cookies and ice cream can still contain high amounts of sugar and fat. Consider baking some healthier treats at home to save both money and calories.

Look for produce that’s in season locally. These items will be more abundant and therefore less expensive. Plus, it’s better for the environment when you buy foods that haven’t been shipped over long distances.

When it comes to meat and seafood, look for family-sized packs, which tend to be a better value. These items freeze quite well and can be cooked later. However, this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, it’s good to compare unit prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Check out The Whole Deal, a section of the Whole Food’s website that features current deals, money-saving meal plans and recipes, and printable coupons. Some Whole Foods stores will allow you to stack manufacturer coupons with store coupons. Also, if you bring your own shopping bag, you will receive 10 cents off your bill.

Do you have any more money saving tips for shopping at Whole Foods? Please share!

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