Food Find: HoneySuckle White Italian Turkey Sausage

We’re big fans of Italian food in my house. We’d eat pasta or pizza every night if we could get away with it- but we can’t. My Food Find this week is HoneySuckle White’s Italian Turkey Sausage.

honeysuckle white turkey sausageI’d had a craving for stuffed shells for a while, but wouldn’t give in because I just didn’t want to let myself eat the Italian-style pork sausage and lean ground beef combo I typically use. While grocery shopping I spotted the HoneySuckle turkey sausage, and figured I’d give it a shot.

My Recipe
We were pleasantly surprised. The flavor is fantastic, it crumbled just the way I wanted and I didn’t feel bad for eating it. I added chopped mushrooms, shredded carrots, chopped sweet red pepper and fresh basil to my sauce, packed the mixture into whole grain pasta shells, sprinkled the top with a little parmiggiano-reggiano cheese and baked a fantastic pasta dish, with a healthy kick.

honeysuckle white turkey nutrition factsHow does the turkey sausage stack up to the pork and lean ground beef (2.5oz serving)?
Turkey: 100 5g
Pork: 234 18.6g
Beef: 125 7.1g

You should definitely consider this turkey as an alternative to make your favorite recipes healthier. HoneySuckle White, and its sister brand ShadyBrook Farms, make a quality product with a broad variety like Turkey Brats and Tenderloins (also good, and will save calories at the summer cookouts!). It’s definitely something you can sneak in and your family won’t quite notice the difference.

Grab this $1.00 coupon and try it out. Let us know how you use turkey in your recipes.

4 Responses to Food Find: HoneySuckle White Italian Turkey Sausage

traesgirl says:

I am definitely going to try this italian turkey sausage. I think it would be great to still have the flavor without all the calories of pork sausage!

traesgirl says:

I am definitely going to try this italian turkey sausage. i would love to be able to cook dishes with the flavor and cut the calories at the same time.

Molly says:

I have been using this prodcut for about a month. We put it in pasta dishes and on pizza. My husband has yet to figure out the difference! What a great product. No grease, no guilt!

Wes Farrand says:

We have just lately tried your products, we found them at “WINCO”
a growcery chain in our area. “””!!!VERY TASTY!!!””” AND NOT TO
SPICY. We had to ask the growcery chain to please bring in some
turkey products. They responded by stocking your products.
We eat & use either chicken or turkey in most or all of our cooking
needs. The ground turkey makes excelent spagetti, with out any


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