Food Trends and Rising Obesity in America [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are many debates about the causes of the American obesity epidemic. It’s probably not a surprise to many that we spend more on fast food than we did in 1970 and eat more high fructose corn syrup than we did twenty years ago. Sometimes, it takes a visual to really see the full gravity of those increases. Healthy Meal Experts has created the following infographic with data from the New York Times, the Centers for Disease Control and the United States Department of Agriculture.

fat americans
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There are certainly a number of other factors that have led to the steady increase of the percent of Americans that are overweight or obese, such as the number of hours spent in front of computer and television screens and the number of jobs that require sitting for long periods at a time. According to the CDC, about 26.7 percent of Americans are obese, yet in some states the prevalence is even higher.

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