Guest Blog: Looking inside a Weight Watchers Meeting

We’re very pleased to have guest blogger, Roni from, join us again to share her experience with Weight Watchers

Attending Weight Watchers meetings for just about three years I’ve seen it all. Cheering for those who lost weight, cried with those who struggled and offered a helping had to those who asked. I’ve never been to an AA meeting, but I’ve often compared the experience. I mean, really, a group of people coming together to overcome an addiction, sounds pretty close to me.

Some may not understand the purpose of the meeting. Can’t you take the materials and just leave? The short answer is, yes, yes you can. No one requires a Weight Watchers member to stay for the meetings, but it’s a large part of the plan. Let’s be honest, how many dieters know what they should and should not be eating? How many know they have to reduce their portion sizes? Increase their exercise? I’d wager quite a few. But what makes Weight Watchers different is the meetings.

So what actually goes on in there?

Well, if you are a traditional Weight Watchers member, after you weigh in you have the option of staying for the weekly meeting. Each week the leader brings up a special topic. It may be seasonal based, like planning for vacations in the summer or how to handle holiday parties. It may be goal orientated, like how to storyboard or visualize your goals. Whatever the topic may be most meetings start with the leader asking if anyone has anything to celebrate. Celebrations can include a weight loss or a non-scale victory like working out consistently or getting into a smaller size. One meeting I had everyone cheer because I got my husband to eat cauliflower! Whatever it may be the leader asks the participants to share. After the share session the topic is discussed. Participants are again asked to offer their insights and ask questions. The meeting ends with an optional overview of the plan for anyone who may be new or wants a refresher. They are really quite simple, yet they offer that sense of community and shared experience that some of us need.

So if you thought there was some crazy cult rituals or sacrifices, I’m sorry to disappoint. It really is just people sharing their weekly experiences with a common goal. Something this Weight Watchers lifetime member found invaluable on her journey of losing 70lbs.

3 Responses to Guest Blog: Looking inside a Weight Watchers Meeting

  1. JimmyC says:

    Thanks for sharing! This was a great look at what really goes on at those weight watcher meetings.

  2. ohhh…. wish i could go there too and hang out with other dieticians, more power to you guys

  3. Cheryl G says:

    I really enjoyed your view of the meetings. I have been to them too and they are pretty much all you said. Some people, I being one of them, go with the hope that the leader will say just the right thing to get me motivated to get out of this rut I am in. I have never been heavy until I went thru menopause and quit smoking in a matter of a 3 month period of time. I am going back to W.W. again tomorrow morning. I am close to being just too uncomfortable to go on. I never ever in a million years expected to be where I am right now.. and if I dont do really find the answers I need to be a “normal” sized person again, I honestly dont know what will happen. I am heading for an early grave .. that’s for sure. Again, thank you for your insight to this. W.W. is a great program .. and the meetings are definitely a help! Thanks for listening.. Wish me luck

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