Healthy Breakfast Ideas for an on-the-go Lifestyle

breakfast cerealAnd, if so, how in the world can you fit it into your incredibly hectic schedule?

Studies have proven that those who eat breakfast routinely are less likely to be overweight, less likely to binge during the remainder of the day, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. (I’m kidding – I made that last part up. It’d be great if it was true, though – just think of how quickly you could make it to work every day!) You know that you SHOULD eat breakfast – you’ve read the reports, seen the information, and believe in it. But what can you eat in the two minutes you have between carpools and kids, briefcases and hair brushing? Try one of these ideas the next time you have to choose between breakfast and tardiness.

  • Instant oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder and a handful of nuts and dried fruits
  • A fruit smoothie – fruit and veggie juice, blended with protein powder, yogurt and frozen fruits
  • A low-fat muffin with a spoonful of peanut butter
  • Yogurt topped with a handful of granola
  • A nut butter sandwich with a banana
  • Scrambled eggs tucked into a microwaved tortilla with crumbled soy bacon – trust me, the Morning Star farms version is so yummy and quick you’d never know the difference!
  • Instant oatmeal swirled together with either peanut butter OR canned pumpkin.  Add a dash of cinnamon.
  • If you have the time, try one of our many healthy breakfast recipes.

What’s your favorite “I can’t believe I slept so late!” breakfast?

4 Responses to Healthy Breakfast Ideas for an on-the-go Lifestyle

Victoria says:

oatmeal w/canned pumpkin? you got me….i’ll have to try that. i love pumpkin and am always looking for more ways to work it into recipes.

Headless Mom says:

I like the idea of adding protein powder to oatmeal!

Sudeep says:

Peanut butter in Oatmeal.. hmm .. nice to have that .. let me try and let u know ..

chris says:

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