HopeFULL Products Bring Nutrition to Kids in Popsicle Form

If you’ve ever struggled with getting your kids to eat healthy, or have cared for a sick family member who couldn’t get enough nutrient-rich foods when they were ill, then the HopeFULL company is a breath of fresh air for you.



This Minnesota-based company was started by sisters Stephanie and Jessica, who first recognized a need for ‘whole food pops’ when their friend was enduring chemotherapy treatments and had a hard time tolerating certain foods. The sisters agreed to bring a few frozen, nutrient-packed meals that were easy to eat to ensure she got all of the nutrients and calories she needed. Just shy of two years after their first delivery, the HopeFULL company was born.

In essence, their products are whole food pops. BellyFULL pops are perfect for children who are picky eaters or have sensory issues. And HopeFULL pops are for people who have a hard time eating due to a serious illness or a temporary ailment.

Each ‘kit’ comes with flexible popsicle molds, an insulated take-along bag, a collection of more than 20 popsicle recipes (with nutrition information included), and wooden popsicle sticks to make the process of making, delivering and eating the pops as easy as possible.



HopeFULL recently contacted Diets In Review to review their HopeFULL and BellyFULL products, and we were thrilled when our package of samples arrived. We decided to make one BellyFULL and one HopeFULL recipe and let our managing editor’s daughter and niece give the pops a try.

First up was the Monkey Business recipe, which had a flavor combination of chocolate and banana. This, by far, was the favorite.



Next up was the Sweetie Pie recipe, which was a healthy mix of sweet potato, coconut oil and whole fat yogurt. We also added a little honey and cinnamon for extra flavor.



While this wasn’t the girls’ favorite, the adults appreciated the depth of flavor, the creamy texture and the fun color.



The girls loved the chocolate banana pop so much they even asked for seconds! You know it’s a hit when they’re asking for more before they’ve finished their first serving.

We loved knowing that the pops weren’t loaded with tons of sugar, and also provided a healthy serving of fruit and dairy. I personally think the girls just loved that it was chocolate.



Besides just kids, these pops are great for adults, too! The recipes suit just about any taste, no matter how picky or adventurous you may be. And are a fun way to get healthy foods down while enjoying a frozen treat. We think they’d make a great take-along snack to the beach if stored in a cooler, or a delicious and healthy, after-dinner dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth.



Since the company’s inception, HopeFULL has helped thousands of kids, picky eaters and ill individuals alike get the nutrients they need from a tasty and healthy popsicle. In addition to giving of their time and products to several non-profits across the U.S., the HopeFULL company’s mission is this:

  • And to provide parents with the recipes and tools they need to get their children interested in and eating more healthy, whole foods.

You can find out more about the HopeFULL company and their unique products by visiting their website thehopefullcompany.com. They certainly have a fan in us!

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