Is Resveratrol Really Reversing the Aging Process?

What is Resveratrol?
red grapesResveratrol is a natural compound found in the skin of grapes (therefore, also in red wine) that is claimed to drastically reduce aging related illnesses, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. The claim behind this is that you will live longer and live a healthier life.  Dr. Oz discussed taking resveratrol in supplement form on Oprah raving about how he takes it and how pleased he is with it. This supplement is supposed to make you healthier while helping you lose weight and prolong your life. This supplement is supposedly able to counter the multiple negative effects of a high fat diet.

There are now many resveratrol supplements on the market that contain a very high concentration of resveratrol.  In fact, to receive the amount of resveratrol in these supplements you would have to drink 1,000 bottles of wine a day, which obviously would not be recommended.

What does and doesn’t resveratrol do for health and weight loss?
The information I found on the product is that resveratrol “activates the body’s natural, genetic defenses against diseases.”  Also, this supplement is supposed to be effective even if you have a poor diet, including consuming a high amount of fat.  The product may not be able to improve your health directly, but it could “slow down” the path that your health is on.  This is where huge red flags come up for me.  So much research is out there displaying how a poor diet is linked to and associated with many diseases and cancer. I’m very skeptical that a supplement would be able to counteract a high fat diet.  How can one lose weight while maintaining the same diet (calories consumed) and not adding any exercise?  Any product that claims to do that is too good to be true.

red-wineIs the supplement better than just drinking wine?
As discussed above, in order for one to obtain the potency of this supplement they would have to drink 1,000 bottles of wine a day.  Still in my eyes, eating the whole food is better than taking a supplement for it.  I’m not certain if the drinking 1,000 bottles has any truth behind it, but I’m not ready to depend on a pill to improve my health. Relying on a healthy diet and exercise to improve your life to make you healthier has decades of evidence underneath its belt.  Try to look past the hype of this supplement because it sounds (at the moment) just too good to be true.  To the best of my knowledge there are no long-term studies of this supplement in humans and until there is we will have no proof of knowing whether or not this pill is truly valid and what affects it has on your body over the years.

Before I began taking this product I would research it more and speak to both your doctor and pharmacist.

2 Responses to Is Resveratrol Really Reversing the Aging Process?

Ramalam says:

Nice, good news for all woman aroud the worlds

Stan says:

Unless the wine was grown organically, it probably doesn’t have much resveratrol in it. Grapes sprayed with pesticides that prevent fungal infection contain little, if any, resveratrol. Grapes produce this antioxidant as a defense mechanism against fungi. If they are protected with the use of pesticides, the grapes don’t need to produce as much.

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