Jesus Segura Lost 156 Pounds – “A Good Support System is Everything.”

Weighing 386 pounds, Jesus Segura wasn’t happy with his weight, but he had been heavy all of his life. After high school he remembers gaining even more weight when he stopped playing sports, but continued to eat like an athlete. Thanks to a friend and a painfully honest conversation, Jesus realized that he had to make a significant lifestyle change before he left his wife and children all alone.

Now, 156 pounds thinner, Jesus is using his new-found energy level to inspire others and tackle one of his deepest fears, public speaking.

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 I would skip meals, specifically breakfast. Then I would overeat at lunch and dinner.

We hear this from people all the time, and it breaks our heart. Skipping meals is never a good idea. Bodies need to be fueled by a steady stream of healthy calories and nutrients all day long. In addition, Jesus became depressed, which led to drinking, and even more overeating.

The thought of leaving my kids fatherless at a young age made me think long and hard about my lifestyle.

On their way to a concert, Jesus’ best friend and former roommate expressed concern over Jesus’ significant weight gain telling him that he was destined for a heart attack. Though it stung, Jesus knew his friend was simply trying to help, and his words struck a nerve. Jesus started a walking regimen the next day.

No thanks, I’ll do it myself.

A doctor offered gastric bypass surgery but Jesus was determined to lose the weight on his own. He continued to walk every day, and eventually found personal trainer, Bill Sienerth. Bill’s program was based on all-inclusive approach, advising Jesus not only about what to eat, but when to eat it, and the particular vitamins and supplements he should be including his daily routine, as well. Bill worked with Jesus (who had already lost 40 pounds) to determine his future weight loss goals and then crafted an exercise plan for him to follow.

The most important member of his team.

Jesus stresses that without the support of his wife, Nancy, he wouldn’t have made it this far. “She shops for our meals, and is supportive of my long hours during the week,” he explained. “Every day we wake up we can choose to be who we want. We can choose to be better than the day before.”

Shedding the fear so he can help others shed pounds

“Sometimes I let self-doubt or the fear of something new get me off track,” Jesus explained. “One of my biggest triumphs would be overcoming the fear of public speaking. I had the opportunity to get on stage with Bill at the LA Fit Expo last year and share my story.” Jesus also has a Facebook page where he’s chronicling his journey.

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Advice he would give to other people struggling to lose weight?

“Don’t wait to start tomorrow or next week or next month, start today. Take it one step at a time. Surround yourself with like-minded people for support and accountability. I belong to FitFluential and get a lot of motivation and support from them.”

To change your reality you must change your perception to change your perception you must change your perspective.


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