Kangoo Jumps: Give Your Workout a Lift

Kangoo Jumps are a new and improved way to add a different and exciting twist to your current fitness routine. Kangoo Jumps are designed to offer a trampoline-like weightlessness sensation that decreases joint stress. They are being used for jogging, home fitness, athletic training (rehab), physical education in schools, and pleasure.

Kangoo Jumps are a type of workout that is extremely low impact due to the Kangoo boots and offers endless health benefits. The boots used for Kangoo are designed with an Impact Protection System (IPS) which absorbs 80 percent of the impact and provides the best protection for the ankles, knees, hips, lower back, and spine. This type of training is ideal for the gym, home, park, beach, or even gravel roads. You can also use these throughout your normal exercise routine or indulge in one of the Kangoo Jumps fitness classes below.

Benefits Of Kangoo Jumps:

  1. Joint protection and injury prevention
  2. Improves recovery time
  3. Reduces stress
  4. Improves posture
  5. Increases energy levels
  6. Weight loss
  7. Improves endurance and stamina
  8. Rehabilitation
  9. Improves balance and coordination
  10. Fun for all ages

Kangoo Jumps Fitness Classes:

  1. Kangoo Power: Uses plyometric techniques to challenge the body as a whole
  2. Kangoo Boot Camp: Military-style program that promotes weight loss, improves stamina, and increases overall endurance levels
  3. Kangoo TRR: Functional aerobic training program
  4. Kangoo Kick: Calorie-crushing program that incorporates kicks, punches, and blocks
  5. Kangoo Discovery: Basic program designed to improve coordination skills for young children

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