Liposonix: The Latest Craze in Fat Removal Procedures

We all have that pair of skinny jeans that we almost squeeze into. Well, there may be a new tool on the market that will make them fit once and for all.

Liposonix – a procedure that was cleared by the FDA in 2022 – uses high-intensity ultrasonic energy to remove fat from the under-layer of the skin without damaging the skin or organs.

Exactly how does it work? A special machine uses ultrasonic energy to target the fat located in the layer under the skin known as the subcutaneous layer. The zapped fat is then eliminated by the body’s immune system and removed by the liver. The treatment lasts approximately one hour, and the results are usually maximized at eight to 12 weeks.

On average, patients lose 2.8 centimeters, or about an inch. Keep in mind, this is the average fat loss so some people will lose more and some will lose less. I think that’s a pretty big gamble for the amount of money the procedure will cost. For some people that could be the difference between a size six and a size four, which could be priceless to them.

From a person who’s had laser hair removal, which is touted to be painless, let me tell you that nothing comes without a price or a side effect. This procedure may cause pain, cold, prickling, tingling or warming sensations. And afterwards, you may experience soreness, bruising, redness or swelling.

There are certain specifications you have to meet before you can qualify for Liposonix. You must be in good health and have a BMI under 30, so those who are obese would not qualify. You would need to be able to pinch at least 1 inch of fat on your abdomen; and it’s also imperative that you understand you may not get the results you’re looking for.

Currently, the procedure is just approved for the abdomen and flanks, so if you need fat removal in other areas liposuction is still your best bet.

Liposuction is a procedure in which fat is sucked out using a tube and a suction device. An incision is made for the device to go into the skin to remove the fat. If you’ve seen the show “NipTuck” or watched any similar documentary, you know this is a very rough procedure.

However, Liposonix takes about an hour and does not require being put under with anesthesia like liposuction. Most people who receive liposuction have to be on bed rest for a few days to recover, and bruising is pretty substantial. There is also a risk of blood loss, but not with Liposonix since it doesn’t penetrate the skin. Liposonix costs approximately $3,000 while liposuction ranges from $6,000 to $8,000, depending on the amount of areas being treated.

Liposonix is a more realistic procedure for those who don’t have a lot of fat to lose but just want to trim those couple pounds that aren’t coming off with diet and exercise. If you need something more invasive, liposuction or plastic surgery may provide you with better results.

I’m personally very pro-lifestyle modification – such as diet and exercise – before I would resort to medical procedures. Neither of these procedures serve as a cure-all for fat reduction, but rather an investment in yourself. Personally, I’ll just stick to my Spanx.

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