Lose Fat, Gain Muscle with Milk

There are many drinks marketed as workout supplements to improve your energy, weight loss, or increase the muscle-building benefits from your weight training. Until now, you wouldn’t have thought of milk as one of them.

According to research from McMaster University in Canada, women who drink two large glasses of milk after a strength training routine may gain more muscle and lose more fat than women who have sugar-based energy drinks.

Milk “boosts strength, bone, muscular and metabolic health in a way that other types of exercise cannot,” says Stuart M. Phillips, PhD, professor of kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.

An earlier study showed the same results for men with gaining muscle and losing fat after exercise and drinking milk.

In the study, the group that drank milk, had 17 ounces of fat-free milk right after their workout, then the same amount about an hour later. While the women were already aerobically active before the study, they were not using weights at least eight months prior to the study.

Researchers say that vitamin D appears to have been a factor in the health benefits.

(via: WebMD)

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