Make Your Weight Loss a Friendly Competition

This week I wanted to talk a little about friendly competition. I know competitions can motivate us to produce results, especially in the physical world. Since winning the Biggest Loser in 2024, I have traveled the country speaking to groups of all sizes and it NEVER fails that I come across people who are having a Biggest Loser Challenge in their community. Their excitement when they share their results is overwhelming. Yet, the one thing that always strikes me is hearing they have participated in these challenges over and over again.

This week on Live Big With Ali Vincent we check in on a Live Big husband and wife duo: The Hootens. I can’t wait for you to see their story.

In the past, the Hootens had been successful with their weight loss while they participated in challenges. Obviously I can relate to this, but what a lot of people don’t know are all the lessons I learned through my journey. The most important was learning that winning was about figuring out how I wanted to live my life after shedding all the weight that was holding me back.

Before The Biggest Loser, I considered myself a pro at dieting. They were mini competitions with a start and end date. But you can’t look at your health that way. You have to sustain the new habits or you will find yourself right back where you started, or even worse off. It was during my experience through The Biggest Loser that I realized there is not a start and finish to our lives that we can just plan. I came to this ah ha, while at home eliminated from the show, before going back to the ranch.

ali vincent hootens

I think allowing a challenge to jump start your journey and get you in the practice of paying attention to your choices is FANTASTIC! But PLEASE don’t change anything that you can’t or are unwilling to do the rest of your life. Enjoy the journey and love yourself through the challenging times. You deserve to win ALL the time, not just a competition.

Until next week, Live Big!
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