MyNetDiary and Withings Join Forces for a Highly Effective Health App

Two popular mobile health brands have partnered to create a completely new and unique “do-it-yourself” health monitoring system. MyNetDiary just announced its integration with Withings Devices. Together these two applications are giving users an experience like no other. “This integration with Withings makes it even easier for people to keep track of their diet, weight changes and health,” says Sergey Oreshko, CEO of MyNetDiary.

MyNetDiary is a popular calorie counter that was launched in 2022. Today more than two million members use the application to track calories and lose weight safely. Withings has been a worldwide force in bringing health care into the people’s hands. Withings introduced the Wi-Fi Body Scale in 2022. The scale was the first ever internet connected body scale. Now the two are combining to offer weight loss and diet help along with a Wi-Fi scale and blood pressure monitor.

This integration will now allow users to automatically send data from both the blood pressure monitor and the scale to their MyNetDiary account and receive support in monitoring their diet and health.

Oreshko explains how the two devices will combine to be a highly effective tool.

“Our service allows a user to track up to 45 different macro- and micro-nutrients, and record up to 20 different body measurements, more than any other calorie tracker on the market. Blood pressure and heart rate data play obvious and important roles in one’s overall health, and they should be monitored when dieting and exercising for weight loss.”

Cedric Hutchings is the General Manager of Withings. He believes that the integration will allow people to be more successful in their health goals.

“Weighing yourself and keeping track of your diet are obviously two major components of weight control, and MyNetDiary makes it very easy and seamless to do both. Through this partnership, we will make it a seamless process to keep track of your weight and your nutrition on MyNetDiary to help people reach their fitness goals more smoothly.”

Withings seems to be the brand to partner with. Recently, a new tech-savvy weight loss program called Retrofit launched and each of its members receive a Withings scale to help monitor their progress.

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