Obama Kids Play Wii Fit

The Nintendo Wii has been on my radar for several months, right after seeing how much fun it is firsthand playing it with friends. I know I’m late in the game here, but if you’re like me and haven’t bought one yet, it’s great fun for the whole family.

I’m always looking for creative ways to get my four-year-old activity and avoiding boredom at the same time. This definitely can be done with games such as bowling and Wii Sports Resort, the few that I’ve already tried firsthand. They’re both fun and physical.

But, Wii Fit takes the activity level to a different level. And then there’s Wii Fit Plus, which adds more exercises and other features.

You can’t get a much higher profile endorsement for Wii Fit than from the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama has drawn attention to childhood obesity with her program Let’s Move. It’s become a linchpin to her legacy as First Lady. The Obamas don’t just advocate for fitness, they are passionate about it for their own family. Recently, Mrs. Obama announced to a second grade class in Maryland that her daughters Malia and Sasha enjoy playing Wii Fit.

“One plays soccer, one plays basketball, the both play tennis,” say Mrs. Obama. “They go to the gym on a regular basis. They ride their bikes.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Wii Fit, check out our reviews of Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus.

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