Obie the Obese Dachsund Loses 2.5 Pounds of Extra Skin in Tummy Tuck

  • America’s famous obese dauchsand, Obie, has undergone skin removal surgery. “It is a modified tummy tuck,” said the vet, who performed the surgery, to CNN.
  • His owner, Nora Vanatta, had the procedure done at a veterinary clinic in Tualatin, Oregon.
  • He weighed 77 pounds at his highest, but weighed a leaner 37 pounds at the time of surgery, having lost 40 pounds in eight months. Removing 2.5 pounds of skin has him down just under 35 pounds, and his owner wants him to lose about five more.
  • Obie’s Facebook page has nearly 90,000 fans. Photos there show Obie recovering, including Vanetta sleeping next to him in the vet’s kennel.

Get More Information: CNN, Obie on Facebook, Idaho Statesman

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