OWN Introduces X-Weighted to a US Audience

X-Weighted Show LogoStarting last week, the Oprah Winfrey Network began airing X-Weighted, a Canadian reality weight-loss show. There have been five seasons of the show, the first three of which followed individuals and the last two seasons followed families.

Unlike The Biggest Loser, X-Weighted does not involve any kind of competition, nor does it follow multiple story lines at once. Instead, each episode follows one obese individual or family for four months. They begin to address the causes of their weight problems and start down the pathway to a healthier life. X-Weighted works to document both the successes and struggles of weight loss.

The show’s participants are guided by several experts, who help them to understand the causes of their obesity and begin to get their weight under control. Dr. David A. Macklin assesses the participants’ health, and helps them to find lasting strategies to lose weight and keep it off. Paul Plakas is the fitness expert who helps participants start to exercise. Fred Connors is a self-esteem expert who also gives the participants makeovers at the end of their four-month weight-loss journeys.

X-Weighted seems to be a good complement to OWN’s other weight-loss show, Addicted to Food. X-Weighted takes a practical approach to weight loss for everyday people, while Addicted to Food focuses on more serious eating disorders being treated in a clinical setting.

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