Saturday Morning Drill: Power-Packed Yoga Poses for a Summer-Ready Body

Blooming flowers, singing birds, and warmer days are welcome reminders that summer is right around the corner. But, if you have yet to shed your winter wardrobe for fear of exposing your non summer-ready body, thoughts of tank tops and bikini bottoms might have you wishing it were still November.

The following yoga poses will help tone your arms, core, hips and thighs so you can sport a fit summertime physique.

Plank Pose

Better than doing a bench press, practicing plank pose tops the list as one of the best yoga poses to do for overall strength and tone. Practice at least one set of plank every day, and work up to holding your plank for up to one full minute. If you need to modify, practice plank pose on your knees until you can work up to practicing it on your toes.

Boat Pose


Put your abs to work and soon you will be surprised at how a little core work can change the look and feel of your body. Improved posture, a flatter tummy, and a strong mid-section are just a few of the benefits that come with practicing the boat pose every day.

If you think you don’t have the time for this core-strengthening pose, think again! Try it first thing in the morning to get your blood pumping and core engaged. Or, if you must, sneak practicing this pose in during the commercial breaks of your favorite television show. It will be a challenge especially for new yogis, but the results you seek will come quickly.

Bridge Pose


Perk up a saggy bottom by practicing bridge pose once a day and you too will soon be flaunting a yoga butt.

This pose not only helps to tone and shape your derriere, it also aids in improving digestion and reduces bloating.

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, simply try lifting one leg. Work up to holding bridge pose for up to a minute on each leg.



Locust Pose

We all know that a slouching posture can make us appear five pounds heavier than we really are. Who needs that?

Rev up your back muscles with locust pose and instantly look thinner. Besides standing a little taller, practicing locust pose will help alleviate back pain due to sitting on the computer, driving, and being sedentary for long stretches of time.

To practice, simply lie on your belly with your forehead on the ground and then raise your chin up to look straight forward, engage your back to lift your legs up off the ground, and either sweep your arms to your sides or out in front.

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