Quantam Scale Will Never Show Your Weight

There is a scale out there for everyone. At DietsInReview.com, we thought we had seen it all, with scales that upload your weight online, to even a chair that doubles as a scale. Turns out we haven’t seen it all. The Quantam Scale, which was featured on The Tyra Banks Show and The Bonnie Hunt Show, does not show you your weight. Yes, you read that correctly; it will never show you your actual weight.

When stepping on the scale, it will simply show you how much you have lost or gained, but not those three dreaded numbers.

To start, the scale secretly records your weight on the first use. Each time the scale is used from that point forward it will only show you the amount lost or gained. This will help those who struggle with seeing their actual weight each time they step on the scale and focus more on the positive feelings they will have when the weight loss is shown.

As with all reviews on scales, I have to reiterate that a scale should not be your sole means for tracking your successes on your way to health and well-being. But these tools can certainly help.

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