R3 Flat Belly Shots Not Necessary for Taut Abs

R3 Flat Belly Shot is touted as a 100 percent organic, chemical-free, natural herbal supplement that helps people lose weight. Producers of the supplement claim that the weight is lost primarily in the belly region, which is a trouble zone for most people. And while this product may seem to be a healthy, natural option for increased weight loss, it may not be worth the investment.

R3 Flat Belly Shots contain such ingredients as cha de bugre, capsicum, tumeric, chickweed, spirulina, acacia, willow bark and cinnamon. As a way of dissecting this product, we’ve defined and described each ingredient’s individual properties below.

Cha de bugre comes from South America and is similar to the coffee bean. It has stimulant-like and diuretic properties similar to caffeine. Drinking caffeinated beverages while on anything that contains cha de bugre should be avoided to prevent worsening side effects like increased blood pressure and heart rate. If you are taking lithium, which is a mood stabilizer, the dosage may need to be lowered as cha de bugre decreases the elimination of lithium.

Capsicum, also known is cayenne pepper or capsaicin, is generally recognized as safe by the FDA because it’s found in food. There are some concerns that long term use taken in high doses can possibly cause liver or kidney damage. Capsaicin is used topically to relieve pain for arthritis. Side effects mostly involve the stomach area including gas, diarrhea, belching, nausea and bloating. It can also interact with blood thinning drugs like Plavix or Warfarin.

Tumeric is a spice found in curry powder that might be included in R3 Flat Belly Shots to counteract some of the acid reflux problems that cayenne may cause. It also has some anti-inflammatory properties.

Chickweed contains a small amount of vitamin C and is used for a variety of ailments including constipation, asthma, scurvy, and obesity.

Spirulina, also known as blue-green algae, has been used as a source of protein, B vitamins and iron and is used primarily for weight loss. It is believed that Spirulina could possibly have an effect on lipid levels. Because these supplements are not tested by the FDA, we don’t know if the algae has contaminants such as microcystic aeuginosa, which can have a devastating effect on liver function. Spirulina also has an effect on the immune system and may interact with immunosuppressant medication that is often taken after an organ transplant.

Acacia is a gum-derived supplement from a tree that works as a dietary fiber, which can help dieters feel fuller and less hungry. Fiber supplements usually have effects on the stomach like gas, bloating and looser stools.

White willow bark has been used to treat pain, gout, arthritis and aid in weight loss. In combination with a CNS stimulant such as ephedra, in three months patients lost an average of four pounds. Ephedra has been banned in the U.S. due to its adverse effects. The derivative of this supplement – salicin – is similar to aspirin and should not be taken with other anticoagulants or aspirin.

Cinnamon has been pretty successful in lowering blood sugars.

Though this product is advertised as chemical free, I wouldn’t say it is. There are risks when anything is ingested and this supplement does have side effects. However, there is a 100% risk guarantee, so those who are not happy with it should be able to return it for a full refund.

A one month supply of R3 Flat Belly Shots costs $49.95, but I think your money could be better spent on healthier food choices or a gym membership. We all know that eating healthy is expensive, but it’s an investment in your health. It should also be known that this product does not go without making some lifestyle recommendations that are listed on their website, which include:

  • Changing your mindset to help you reach your goals
  • Exercising three to five times per week
  • Changing your diet with suggestions such as increasing your fruit and vegetable intake to 80 percent of your diet

Excess belly fat is usually caused from insulin resistance and high insulin levels due to increased caloric intake. Making the first three changes alone may be enough to reduce belly fat without taking a supplement that may interact with other medications or cause side effects.

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