South Beach Diet and Your Sugar Addiction

I’ve not tried the South Beach Diet, but I know of a lot of people who have and I’ve read a lot about it. What struck me as being particularly fascinating about this diet is the emotional effects that come from removing sugar, mostly refined sugar, from someone’s daily repertoire of eats. I myself have sworn off of sugar for small bouts of time and I must admit, I’m cranky, at least for the first few days of my abstinence. I have serious sugar withdrawal symptoms, usually in the form of mood changes. When this has happened, it catches me in my tracks and makes me wonder how much of a sugar addict I am?south beach diet

I’ve heard that in the Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet when you are requested to remove all sugar from your diet, that a similar withdrawal occurs with mood changes and serious sugar cravings that appear to wane as you move forward in the diet.

I wonder too, how many South Beach Dieters have banned white sugar from their diet all together? If you’re out there, I’d love to hear from you and find out HOW you did it and how it’s working for you. It’s always been a distant dream of mine to squash my love of sugar for good, but as of today, it’s still just that – a dream.

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  1. nicole says:

    I have not looked into the south beach diet, but now that I know there is a section on removing sugar, I will have to check it out. My New Year’s Resolution was to go without sugar all yaer, and so far I have been doing it! I started to blog about it to help keep me motivated. I am finding that for me, sugar has been and IS much more psychologically addicting than physical. I think you would enjoy my blog–it may help you in quitting sugar long term!

  2. Debbie Y says:

    Started the south beach diet two days ago and I have had one heck of a sugar withdrawl headache… but it is passing. I know this will be a great thing once Im through it. Good Luck

  3. Elli says:

    I have removed any sugar from my diet about 5 years ago. Itwas very hard in the begining especiialy since I was puting 3 teaspoons of sugar into mu coffee or tea. I was a truly addicted to sugar. Just do it ! I am very proud of myslef especially becasue I quit smoking the same way i quit sugar ..without any help just me and my mind! Good Luck!

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