Spanish Language Weight Loss Show Announced From the Creator of Biggest Loser

By Descygna Webb

In January, Univision, the highest rated Spanish-Language network in the U.S., will launch Si Se Puede, which translates to It’s Possible. The show comes from Biggest Loser creator Dave Broome and will be geared towards Hispanics that want to lose weight and improve their lives.

Each show will feature three to four families engaging in several different challenges. The show will also have a team of personal trainers and nutritionists. The show will provide fans with recipes from the show and a fitness regimen through an online tie-in.

This new show addresses the obesity concern among Latino families that has previously been somewhat neglected. Currently, Hispanics have the second highest number of incidents of obesity, with African Americans being the highest. Having a show featuring families making changes and losing weight can provide education for those that might be interested in losing weight.

Si Se Puede can also give some families a chance to see good health practices in action. The Biggest Loser has generated a lot of buzz and created many different products to help people lose weight without being featured on the show themselves. Having Biggest Loser creator Dave Broome working on the new Univision show will likely draw in some successful similarities. Broome hopes to inspire millions of people with this new series. He also hopes to draw awareness to the fact that obesity is at an all time high within the Latino community.

Via Hollywood Reporter and the CDC

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