Super Diet Genius iPhone App Powers Weight Loss with Super Foods

A first-of-its-kind weight loss app will soon hit Apple’s App Store. Super Genius Diet will be introduced as the first “super food-powered” weight loss app for iPhones.

With so many weight loss apps on the market, it’s hard to imagine a new unique product, but Super Diet Genius feels they’ve managed to make it happen. The app claims to create personalized diets focused on super foods. Along with the personalized diets, the app comes loaded with weight loss tools to help one achieve their goals like never before.

The fact that the Super Diet Genius app focuses on super foods does set it apart from most similar applications. The app claims to create meal plans by using food with the highest blends of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, and fiber. All of these powerful foods are used along with weight, height, gender, age, activity level, rate of weight loss, and even food preferences to create a customized diet plan.

There are four simple steps to explain how the Super Diet Genius app works.

1. Choose your weight loss goals and select your favorite super foods.
2. Determine the super foods you already have.
3. Enjoy your custom crafted diet infused with super foods.
4. Watch the pounds come off with supercharged weight loss.

In addition to the four steps, the app lets you utilize the weight loss features to assist your journey. There are eight features that support your weight loss.

1. Generator: Creates a new super foods-infused diet plan every day.
2. Food Swaps: Customize any meal with easy refreshes and single-food swaps.
3. Meal Reminders: Built-in timers for your five well-balanced meals.
4. Shopping List: Automatically generates shopping list based on foods you need.
5. BMI Calculator: Built-in calculator shows your ideal weight loss range.
6. Water Tracker: Track your water intake. One click fills up each glass.
7. Weight Loss Tracking: Track your weight in both tables and charts.
8. Proprietary Database: No internet connection required. It’s on your phone.

The Super Diet Genius also considers what is already in your pantry and fridge as it generates meal plans. This allows your to literally begin a program right away. The app will be available soon.

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