Top 5 Exercises On A Fit Ball

1.) Ab Crunch- Sit on ball and walk your feet out until the low back is on the ball. Glutes should be slightly hanging off. Squeeze abs and crunch several times. Make sure feet are shoulder width apart for good stability.

2.) Ball Squats- Place ball between low back and wall. Take one step forward with feet and allow the ball to absorb your body weight. Slowly squat making sure knees are directly over ankles. If they are not, take another small step forward. Repeat several times.

3.) Ball Dumbbell Bench Press- Sit on ball and walk feet out until upper back is the only part of the body on the ball. Make sure hips are up and body is parallel with the floor. Hold dumbbells in the bench position and press up slowly and down slowly. Repeat several times.

4.) Oblique Ball Crunches- Same as regular ball crunches except for alternating sides (directions) on the upward crunch. Repeat several times.

5.) Lower Back Extensions- Place feet against base of wall and place lower stomach and hips on ball. Place hands on back of head and slowly extend upper body away from ball while keeping the spine straight. Make sure feet are shoulder width apart for stability.

stability ball back extension weight training
back extension on stability ball with arms across chest

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Josh says:

Great tips, maybe you could add push ups on the ball as well.

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