Top Ten Reasons Why I Should Stretch!!

cable leg raise balance and stability, weight training
standing bent knee cable leg raise

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1.) Prevent injury

2.) Increase muscle-tendon flexibility

3.) Enhance performance

4.) Improve range of motion

5.) Increase sleep

6.) Alleviate muscle soreness

7.) Enhance well-being

8.) Decrease low-back pain

9.) Improve circulation

10.) Post-exercise cool-down

When Is The Best Time To Stretch?

The best time to stretch is when the muscles are warm. Either after exercise or after a warm-up activity. This gives the muscles a chance to heat up and become more flexible. Injuries usually occur when people stretch muscles when they are cold or not warmed up. Stretches should be held for approximately 20 seconds. Think of your muscles as a piece of taffy, cold taffy seems to break when you try and stretch it while warm taffy stretches very easily.

2 Responses to Top Ten Reasons Why I Should Stretch!!

Israel says:

stretching before weight lifting is often preached incorrectly. I only stretch before cardio. Before lifting I warm up and “stretch” by performing lighter variations of the exercises I plan on doing for the day.

Matt says:

Yes, that is correct. Light stretching before cardio or weights is ok, but just don’t over do it. When working on flexibility and “hard core” stretching be sure to only do it when the muscles have been properly warmed up.

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