True Weight Loss Story: Leah Segedie

Meet Leah Segedie. Leah’s incredible weight loss journey started four years ago, when she weighed 253 pounds. She was an athlete, but an eating disorder left her binging on food and maintaining a size 14. When her father was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure, Leah was 25, with a rocking PR career, and a voice inside that told her she had to care for him.

Watch this video testimonial in which Leah shares the journey that helped her lose 170 pounds in four years, in the face of an eating disorder, her father’s death, and two pregnancies that delivered her two sons.

Click here to watch Leah’s True Weight Loss Story video.

Leah relied on making small changes, like introducing more water and eliminating soda, to help her kick-start her weight loss efforts. Then she found her “exercise soulmate” and took up a Tae Bo practice. It took two years to lose the first 104 pounds, then after the arrival of her second son she lost another 73.

“The story isn’t over for me,” adds Leah. “My struggles have inspired me to support other women in healthy life decisions with the Mamavation campaign, for moms who want to learn healthy living, and, a social networking site and online magazine for moms into fitness, weight loss, and healthy living.”

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