Try This Hard Core Hip Workout

The hips are somewhat of a problem area for some women. The following workout will target and tone this region.

Although genetics plays the biggest role in the shape and structure of the body; dedication and hard work will always pay off. The hip region, also known as the coxa, is a synovial joint (ball and socket joint) and basically consists of the hip bone (innominate bone) and femur (thigh bone).

The hip has several functions or movements that we rely on every day. By exercising the hip, common hip injuries can be prevented. Common hip injuries include hip stress fractures, bursitis, broken hip, hip pointer, and hip dislocation.

Below is a list of the movements and a hard core hip workout. Good luck!

Hip Movements:

  1. Lateral or External Rotation: Rotation away from the center of the body
  2. Medial or Internal Rotation: Rotation towards the center of the body
  3. Extension: Bending of joint resulting in a decrease of angle, moving thigh or top of pelvis forward
  4. Flexion: Straightening of joint resulting in an increase of angle, moving thigh or top of pelvis backward
  5. Abduction: Lateral movement away from center of the body (move thigh away from body)
  6. Adduction: Medial movement towards the center of the body (move thigh towards body)

Hard Core Hip Routine:

I recommend choosing a different handful of the following exercises to perform each day and performing three sets of fifteen to twenty repetitions at a medium or moderate weight!

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