Ultra-Thin Teen Model Takes a Stand

I’m by no means an expert on the modeling world, but I would like to venture a guess and say that the gaunt walking dead look that began with Twiggy in the ’60s was not about being beautiful, per se. Rather, it was the use of the human body as an artistic expression.

Hey, I’m not saying it makes sense.

How else can you explain “super models” who look like they are heroin addicts on their last leg? This brings us to the latest drama on the cat walk. There have been some ruffled feathers in recent years when organizers in Spain placed a ban on models who they deemed were to skinny (as are the French).

While there may have been some upset models then, when they were told they couldn’t participate, this time around in the U.S., a model is fighting back against the unhealthy promotion of anorexic figures.

Alexandra Michael started her career as a 5’9″ 130-pound 15-year-old. But it was when she reached 102 by starving herself that she said enough was enough. Especially when she was told that her legs were too fat!

“My kind of wake-up call was I was on a plane from Paris to Texas, which is where I’m from,” says Michael. “I ran my fingers through my hair and when I took my hand away, there was a dry, brittle clump of hair in my hand.”

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